Bottle Joy Classic II Glug jug Large Capacity Water Bottle,1000ML, 1500ML, 2500ML, BPA Free



We all know a gallon a day keeps the wrinkles and brain fog away, and of course it's necessary for weight loss, healthy body functions and,!
But drinking water is hard. not only do we forget to drink through the day, but even if we manage to finish a small bottle, we forget to refill it!

When it comes to water tracker bottles there are things we all agree on.
1) It needs to be an all day water bottle
2) The Glug jug measurement markings should be practical, this hourly water bottle takes care of you from 7am to 7pm so your body gets full hydration and a full nights' rest. fill it at 7 am for your daily gallon of hydration.
3) No cheesy motivational quotes!
4) Range of infused water, tea, mimosa, cocktail, energy drink, and protein shake bottles!
5) Leak proof water bottles. this large water bottle with handle also comes with a matching carry strap. it's a spill proof water bottle, so swing it by your side without fear!
6)BPA free, food grade Reusable material.
7) Sip it or pour it! The flip top lid locks in the open position for drinking without falling back in your face and the wide mouth lets your add ice or fruit and use as a water jug to pour into a glass or small bottle if you wish!
8) Is it smash-proof? If you drop it, it probably won't break. but listen, it is a big bottle and how full it is and the angle it lands will determine the stress reasonance and the possibility of crack. so just make sure try not drop the bottle

Drink more water for healthy & fashion life. So enjoy bottle joy !!!